Offshore Service Offering-Security


  • Need to check in the ePO that all the systems have the Latest DAT Versions.
  • Need to run a Report/Querry to list down the Systems that don’t have the Latest DAT and work on these Systems to update the same.
  • Check that all the Server Tasks in the ePO has completed successfully.
  • Run a query to check the list of infected systems
  • Need to check if the Replication is happening between the Primary RSA and Secondary RSA.
  • Need to login into all Security Devices.
  • Check the Net Forensics for any malicious activities or incidents.
  • Login into Checkpoint Smart View Monitor and do the health Checkup.
  • Login into ASA Firewall do the Health Checkup.
  • Troubleshoot any issues pertaining to Security.
  • Check that Checkpoint Firewalls in both the DC are in Active/Active Cluster


  • Take the Backup of all the devices.
  • Look for any temporary rule configured in the devices on client request and update its status.


  • Need to Take the Configuration Backup of Net Forensics


  • Review the Rules configured in all the devices to make sure that it complies with the Best Practices Policies.
  • Look for the License Validity.
  • Need to Backup of Bluecoat Reporting Server Database.
  • Need to take Checkpoint Log Backup


  • Restore the Backup Taken in the Test Environment to check for credibility and prepare a report for the Management.
  • Full system Backup Of McAfee ( System as well as Database)