Messaging Activities

  • Exchange Servers management – Email Services
  • Google Email service integration support


  • Maintaining the mailbox quota.
  • Checking Database health status regularly.
  • Monitoring the drives and database threshold limits.
  • Managing the exchange database cluster.
  • Managing mail queues and mail flows.
  • Email tracking / delivery issues.
  • Email whitelisting and blacklisting.
  • Maintaining email policies
  • OWA accessibility issues
  • Administration of third party applications (IRON PORT, MIME Sweeper, Widex)
  • Coordinating with Backup team to ensure the daily backups successfully taken.
  • Helping to backup team for data restoration.
  • Handling tickets and maintain tickets queues
  • Coordinating with third party vendors for day to day issues. (Microsoft/Mimesweeper/IRON Port etc)
  • Managing Public folder
  • Troubleshooting the Exchange server alerts
  • Troubleshooting Database and log issues
  • Coordinating with the storage team for provisioning disk space.
  • Attending team meetings if scheduled
  • Providing data and information to Mecom transforamation team on request.
  • Coordinating with Google apps team if they need any help.
  • Coordinating with Security team if AV patches not updated.
  • Oncall support during non-business hours.


  • Regular drive capacity management on exchange servers.
  • Managing Send/Receive connectors
  • Addition and deletion of Accepted domains
  • Generating weekly reports.
  • Servers downtime window planned.
  • Attending weekly CAB meetings
  • Creating Change request for changes if needed.
  • Coordinating with Backup team to ensure the weekly backups successfully taken.
  • Oncall support during weekends.


  • Administrating and managing servers.
  • Upgrading software installations and patch rollups to messaging environment. (As suggested by third party software vendors like IRON/MIME/Widex)
  • Coordinating for patch upgradation (Servicepacks / Microsoft rollups)
  • Involving with in-flight projects
  • Working on Google apps mailbox migration tasks
  • Generating monthly reports (Includes Server counts/Mailbox counts/Database growth status etc)
  • Disk capacity planning.
  • Coordinating with storage team and increasing disk quota based on disk capacity management strategy.
  • Maintaining asset management


  • Renewing the Certificates
  • Coordinating for server contract renewals.
  • Maintain disaster recovery plans, regular review to ensure D/R strategy aligns with business requirements
  • Licensing renewals
  • Building new servers
  • Providing Service improvement plan (SIP)
  • Planning for disk spaces based on database growth.