AD Activities

Maintenance of Active Directory  Infrastructure which include Domain Controllers, Users/Computer Objects, Domains Trust, Sites & Services, GPO, FSMO roles and Schema.


• Monitoring Domain Controllers , Managing Active Directory Users and Computers
• Check all drives for adequate free space in Domain controllers.
• Check for memory usage Check for system paging Check CPU usage of DC’s
• Check application log for warning and error messages for service startup errors, application or          database errors and unauthorized application installs
• Check security log for warning and error messages for invalid logons,  unauthorized user creating, opening or deleting files
• Check system log for warning and error messages for hardware and network failures
• Check web/database/application logs for warning and error messages
• Check directory services log on domain controllers


• Managing Active Directory Domain and Trusts , Managing Active Directory Sites and Services
• Creating , Editing and Updating GPO setting
• AD Backup and Restore using Authoritative and Non-Authoritative backup
• Checking FSMO functionality , Checking DC’s health  using Dcdiag
• Monitoring DC’s Replication , Monitoring Sysvol replication
• Verify that a successful backup of Active Directory files has completed on at least one Domain Controller
• Scan all hard-drives using current Anti-Virus signature files


• Check Site’s Overall Health of DC’s , AD Cleanup
• Transfer and Seizing FSMO roles , Managing Schema Attributes


• Defragment of all DC’s
• Maintain disaster recovery plans, regular review to ensure D/R strategy aligns with business requirements.