Work from Home in FASTLAB

We offer work from home options for all our associates. Any one can apply , get selected , do WFH and earn good salary and experience certificate for their services. Well educated , Qualified , hard working , talented , skillful people can work from home if You have a computer and internet connection. You should be good in English writing. Academically strong people are preferred. Work timings are flexible. You need to prove that you are WORKING and should finish the work on or before the deadline. Should be ready to work at anytime depends on the project requirement. When project free period you can take rest or do whatever you like.

Procedure for getting an WFH offer

1. There will be a small English rewriting test. You can take the test online.

2. If you pass the test, then there will be a small telephonic interview

3. Salary negotiation and projects assignation

4. Offer letter will be issued after 5 days of the selection

5. All others things are same as regular full time job.

6. You will get experience certificate ( Service Certificate ) while leaving the job

7. You need to serve 15 days notice period for getting relieved from the responsibilities